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Published: 9 years ago
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Chris Ace
Published: 9 years ago
SUBSCRIBE PLEASE More viewers mean more openings for you and for me of course To trade with me, see my wants and haves go here :
Kaiyodo Revoltech Evangelion Production Model-02γ (Unit-02) Review/Unboxing
Published: 4 years ago
for more info and pictures go to
Digimon Digivolving toy Loweemon to Duskmon
Published: 5 years ago
This figure was only released in Asia so its pretty rare I guess.
Revoltech Evangelion Q : Eva Production Model-08α Unboxing/
Published: 4 years ago
Just a small unboxing of the past month's release that came late to me for more pictures and reviews subscribe and visit my blog
Digimon CCG Eternal Courage blister box opening
Published: 5 years ago
To trade with me, see my wants and haves here : I only opened four or five on camera sorry bout that.
Zoo Tycoon 2 expansion
Published: 9 years ago
Zoo Tycoon 2 with 6 expansion packs: -african adventure -endengared species -marine mania -extinct animals -jurassic park -arabian nights I just wanted to tell you that i dont have...
Digimon Cards Digi-battle Swedish Promos St Wanted Buy
Published: 6 years ago
To trade with me, see my wants and haves here : If you have any of the following cards and are willing to trade or sell please dont hesitate to...
Test Drive Unlimited TDU - Secret Carwash!!!!
Published: 9 years ago
Hot Girls Washing My Aston Martin.
Zoo Tycoon 2 expansion My Animals
Published: 8 years ago
some of my animals :D It's like my other video Zoo Tycoon 2 with: Endagered Species African Adventure Marine Mania Extinct Animals Jurassic Park Arabian Nights Mexican Marvels again...
Banpresto One Piece Dx Shichibukai Collection Kuma Boa
Published: 7 years ago
just woke up sorry for the bored voice :P its not actually a review i just wanted to show you my collection my cam is crappy thats why i never made a review :P.
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